26 Oct 2013

SP Melbourne 2013

Semi-Permanent Melbourne… Wow. This years build up

26 Oct 2013

Semi-Permanent Melbourne… Wow.

This years build up to Semi-Permanent Melbourne grew more exciting the closer the event came. With the addition of some awesome and very inspiring speakers, and the event being held at one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne ( Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre – It’s an architectural masterpiece ), I was hanging for this event to roll around – And I wasn’t disappointed.

All speakers this year were brilliant, but here is a brief summary of my personal highlights from the event.

Day One


Day one was off to a cracking start with the brothers Andrew and Mark Moffitt showcasing their work in creative direction across graphic design, interior design, industrial design, music and film. They were extremely inspiring. They emphasised that with the amount of information readily available online, the power has shifted from good content, to good creative.

A favourite quote of mine from their presentation was: “If you do nothing, nothing happens.”

Julian Frost

Julian Frost. Was. Hilarious.

As an illustrator, Julian is most known for his work on the very popular Metro campaign – Dumb ways to dieThere is no way I can sum up how well he presented, you just had to be there. No doubt he will be one of the stand outs from the event.

Ant Keogh

As one of Australia’s leading creative directors, Ant’s presentation was excellent. He is responsible for the best Carlton Draught television advertisements ( remember the one with thousands of blokes running around to form a person drinking a beer…? ), and also came up with the tagline: Made from Beer – Enough said.

Nicholas Felton

Nicholas’ work was amazing. His ability to collect, convert and display vast quantities of data in an easy to read, while still aesthetically pleasing form, was amazing. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Good Magazine. With his extremely clean and minimalist design style and solid grasp of physics, Nicholas conveyed a very interesting presentation.

Day Two

Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams of Hunt & Co. was awesome. He is the co-founder and editor of MADE and Process Journal, both amazing magazines that are exceptionally designed with even better content. All of his design is extremely clean and well executed. He is a major influence of mine.

Jessica Hische

Like Julian Frost, Jessica Hische was hilarious. Her vibrant, bubbly and enegetic personality made her presentation the highlight of the event – rightly so being that she was the closing speaker. Her work, famously known throughout the design industry, is amazing. Jessica had the crowd in stitches. For me, she reinforces the fact that passion will lead to great design.

In Summary

This year was awesome. It was an amazing event that has left me wanting to drink a heap of coffee and pull a sixteen hour shift in front of the screen. Murray and Andrew from Semi-Permanent should be commended for how well the event ran, and the excellent speakers they brought to the event.

Bring on next year!


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