12 Jun 2013

Is Dyson the new Rams?

If you’re a designer, you’ll be more

12 Jun 2013

If you’re a designer, you’ll be more than familiar with the work of Dieter Rams. His views and thoughts on what is good design has shaped a generation and influenced countless products. But have you noticed the work of James Dyson recently?

After seeing an advertisement for Dyson’s new AirBlade fan, I began to think…

Will the next generation of designers view James Dyson in the same way that we have viewed Dieter Rams?

There are certainly similarities in their views of design. Every Dyson product ticks each of the Ten Principals of Good Design and goes a little further with their progression of new technology ( The AirBlade is freakin’ nuts ).

A great example after looking into this a little deeper is that the new Dyson products are very intelligent in their use of colour, much the same as the Braun products developed under Rams.

For example, red, on a lot of the vacuums, is associated with a mechanism that requires user input. For example; A trigger, a latch, or release. Rams was the first to utilise colour in a very similar fashion. The best example is the ET 66 Calculator, which featured a vibrant yellow equals button. Associating necessary user input with an easy to see vibrant colour? Genius.

I could probably write a thesis on the the similarities between Braun and Rams, and they do continue to more than just colour choices, but the best way is to have a look for yourself… My fingers are crossed for a renewal in well designed, quality products that are timeless, easy to use, and look rad.

Just something to get you thinking on a rainy afternoon. Enjoy.

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