08 Feb 2013

Flat Design Vs. Skeuomorphic Design

Like a lot of people, I’ve been follwing the Flat Design Vs. Skeuomorphic Design debate very closely. It is being heavily debated with very strong opinions on both sides.

08 Feb 2013

My Thoughts on the Flat Vs. Skeuomorphic Debate.

The Flat vs Skeumorphic Design has been a hotly debated topic in the Graphic Design industry for the past couple of months. With very strong opinions on both sides, I have been following the debate closely.

Which style is right and which style is wrong? Personally, I enjoy and appreciate both forms of these very unique design styles however, a key point has been missed in the discussion.

When did a style of design become right or wrong?

As long as I have known, design has neither been right or wrong, but rather, good or bad. Design is a tool to convey information. If we, as designers, are doing our job effectively, the user should not be distracted by the design, but be focused on the content that is being conveyed through the design.

It does not matter whether the design is minimalist and flat, or a stylised replication of a real-world object. If it has been designed well, it will be effective. As Dieter Rams once famously said; good design is unobtrusive.

I’m sure this topic will continue to be hotly debated over the coming months, but I do not believe that a certain style of design can be right or wrong, or that one style should become the basis of the future of design. We must view design as good or bad, and judge on its effectiveness to communicate information, no matter what style is being used.

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