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New / Old Inspirations

Recently, I’ve found myself returning to the inspiration that really opened my eyes during my development years as adesigner. These development years established how I view design now, what I regard as good design and what I find aesthetically pleasing.

Note: I define development years loosely as late high school when I tailored my education by selecting graphic and design based subjects, through to leaving university.

After sitting down and really thinking about how I absorbed so much of this type of inspiration, and looking over a lot of my recent work, I realised that I have come full circle to what I originally aimed to create as a student – though with a little more tact and knowledge this time round.  😉

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Mister Dress-Up


A coupla’ weeks ago, the awesome folk at Mister Dress-Up asked if I would like to design a t-shirt to be sold via the site. Mister Dress-Up is a Montreal based artist community that launches a range of new t-shirt designs every week, each design is only posted for one week, so if you would like to get your hands on any, do it now!

I was super stoked to be asked , you can buy the t-shirt in both mens and womens sizes here.

Garrett Chow.


A massive inspiration of mine is designer Garrett Chow. Before I started donning the lycra I knew of various projects that he had worked on. A favourite, and more so now that I ride, is the bike pictured above with its awesome stress test inspired colour way. You can view some more photos of the bike here, and read an interesting interview with Garrett here.

New Branding



In case you haven’t noticed, I gave the branding a little spruik up a couple of weeks ago. With all good branding, there should be a bit of symbolism and meaning portrayed in them. For me, this logo represents the never ending process and progression of design.

Is Dyson the new Rams?

If you’re a designer, you’ll be more than familiar with the work of Dieter Rams. His views and thoughts on what is good design has shaped a generation and influenced countless products. But have you noticed the work of James Dyson recently?

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Flat Design Vs. Skeuomorphic Design

My Thoughts on the Flat Vs. Skeuomorphic Debate.

The Flat vs Skeumorphic Design has been a hotly debated topic in the Graphic Design industry for the past couple of months. With very strong opinions on both sides, I have been following the debate closely.

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